5 Popular Bitcoin Exchanges

If you wish to trade Bitcoins, you must be aware of the leading Bitcoin exchanges that you can trust. These are platforms that enable Bitcoin holders to buy or sell crypto coins or buy Bitcoins against fiat currencies. Any cryptocurrency exchange today should be able to balance different regulatory measures, update its security practices, and attract users to ensure sufficient liquidity.

Before you choose a Bitcoin exchange for trading you must take into consideration some key factors. Location of the exchange, for instance, is of utmost importance as regulations will vary from one country to another. You need to make sure you know the currencies that are accepted by the exchange you sign up for. You will also need to find out how you can pay for the Bitcoins; whether through credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, etc. You can buy Bitcoin Up app here and start trading for a daily profit. The exchange fees should be reasonable for you to select the exchange; some exchanges even charge you additional fees beyond transaction fees. It is best to choose exchanges that are transparent in their operations and display audits to show their Bitcoin reserves. Choose exchanges that support latest innovations in cryptocurrency market like trading bots; visit Coincierge.de for more information. Above all, the exchange must be reputed and secure, a HTTPS website with secure logins backed by two-factor authentications.

5 Popular Bitcoin Exchanges:

  1. LBank: This was set up in 2016 and has been one of the oldest functioning Bitcoin exchanges. Because of the number of trading pairs it offers, this platform continues to much sought-after. This exchange has also been encouraging innovations in the world of cryptocurrencies; launching in this regard the LBK Voting Listing wherein eight crypto projects would compete against one another for votes to secure a place in the exchange list for free. It accounts for about $32 billion for a month-long trade volume.
  2. HCoin: This has been one of the top ranking exchanges in terms of trade volume that has been focusing on trades outside the US market. This platform has been registered in Seychelles and it focuses primarily on Chinese markets. It was established in 2018 as a global exchange for both digital and fiat currencies. Users can conduct transactions on multiple types of crypto coins such as the Bitcoin, USDT, HKDT, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS etc. It has a 30-day trade volume amounting to $39 billion.
  3. BitForex: This popular Bitcoin exchange has its headquarters in Singapore; it is registered at Seychelles. It supports 300 and more trading pairs and offers services to more than 180 nations. This makes this platform one of the most active trading platforms that accounts for a substantial volume of Bitcoin trading. This is also why this exchange is known for high liquidity. BitForex also provides advantages like derivatives, margin trading, and 1.6 million orders for every second capacity matching engine.
  4. P2PB2B: This Bitcoin exchange supports more than 700 trading pairs and includes more than 300 coins and tokens. So, its daily trade volume amounts to almost $1 billion. This exchange can process almost 10,000 trades every second and this makes it capable of catering to an international customer base. Besides, this exchange also stores the biggest chunk of all crypto reserves in its cold wallets to protect these against thefts and security hacks.
  5. Coinsbit: This cryptocurrency exchange was launched in Estonia and is today one of the best-known Bitcoin exchanges. It aims to enhance customer confidence through its highly secure trade options. It manages to stand out from the rest by introducing Invest Box, a tool for customers and developers to experiment with new altcoins.